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tv   Journal  KCSMMHZ  September 19, 2011 4:30pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> hello, and welcome to the "journal" from dw-tv in berlin. i'm meggin leigh but the news. here is a look at the top stars -- palestinian president mahmoud abbas says he will forge ahead for full u.n. membership. another day of violence in some not as a yemeni troops killed dozens. >> the financial world will have to wait another day for the outcome of key bailout talks between greece and its creditors.
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>> determined and a resolute -- palestinian president mahmoud abbas is pushing for full u.n. membership in a first bid toward palestinian statehood. he says he will submit an application on friday, the same day he is due to address the u.n. general assembly. in talks with secretary general ban ki-moon mahmoud abbas says he will seek a security council vote on membership body also stresses he wants a negotiated settlement of the israeli- palestinian conflict. washington has vowed to use its veto to block the palestinian bid. the u.s. and israel wants the palestinians to return to a peace process based on negotiations. mahmoud abbas is facing some powerful opposition to this bid. find out how far along leaders are in this negotiation process -- we spoke to our correspondent
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in new york and asked him how much room mahmoud abbas has to maneuver. >> that is really hard to say, but at least he has given himself some time. he could have presented the bid officially monday morning when he met with the u.n. general secretary but he did not come up so he left himself time until friday and in between he will meet with a lot of heads of state, head of government, maybe even including the american of president obama although there is no bilateral meeting planned. they will probably meet on the sidelines of one or the other events that is taking place here. there is a lot at stake for the palestinians, including $500 million that the americans disperse annually in aid and many politicians already said they would do everything and their power to stop the aid if the palestinians really go for full statehood here at the u.n. >> that was a vw -- dw correspondent reporting earlier.
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the situation in yemen is becoming more critical. anti-government protest organizers say troops shot into the crowds in the capital killing at least 27. despite the bloodshed, demonstrators said they will continue their calls for the president to step down. >> they were back out demanding freedom. in sana'a, the crowd. -- courchene and unfazed by the brutal violence meted out to protesters. once again demanded the resignation of president saleh, and again security forces responded with force, firing into the crowd. there are also reports of profit -- rocket-propelled grenades being used. scores have been wounded and the death toll continues to rise. among the dead are a child and a 14-year-old boy. medics try their best to attend to the wounded in an improvised a field hospital. memo we call on all the relevant
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parties come aid organizations, the u.n., eu, and all the agencies to carry out their humanitarian role. this means intervening to stop these massacres and killings. where are carried out today's aggression has lost all values. -- whoever carried out today's aggression loss of values. >> the study -- southern city has seen clashes. activists say several people were killed and dozens wounded. this image of the deal was released by a group calling itself the freedom tahid. it is not clear when it was recorded. yemen's president is still receiving care in saudi arabia after an assassination attempt in june. he shows no sign of stepping down. >> the battle continues in libya for the last remaining stronghold of forces lawyer -- loyal to gaddafi. anti-gaddafi troops pulled back from bani walid have regrouped. they are facing strong
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resistance from gaddafi loyalists. in the sirte, national transitional council troops advanced into western neighborhood and say they are poised to advance further. on monday they exchanged shell and rocket fire. back here in berlin, german chancellor angela merkel is confident her government will give the parliamentary support it needs for a eurozone bailout package despite the defeat of her coalition partners, the free democrats, in some of the's regional elections in berlin. the coalition is struggling to deal with the debt crisis and the greek bailout and some conservatives are starting to question whether the fdp is strong enough to face the challenges ahead. >> after their humiliating showing in berlin, fdp leaders, including the party chairman, met to discuss the way forward. they will have to decide whether to stick to the recent policy reversal that analysts say backfired badly.
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also promised to do his best to turn round the party's political fortunes. >> we have potential. we just have to keep working hard. there's a lot of room for improvement. and that will motivate us to reach the goals we set. >> meanwhile, social democrats at party headquarters welcome the incumbent mayor will write -- woworeit set for his third term. >> the spd is very strong at the state level, and that of course strength of the party of the federal level. the spd is a real alternative to the current government and its disastrous policies. >> chancellor merkel arrived early at cdu headquarters and immediately called on her fdp coalition partners to close ranks to stem the growing eurozone prices. >> we must take a decisive and united stand on the european
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debt crisis. it is a task of historic proportions. and i don't use that kind of language very often. >> the greens placed third in sunday's vote. but now they are looking over their shoulders at the up-and- coming piarist party which took nearly 9% of the vote -- pirqate party. more than enough to catapult them into the regional legislature for the first time. >> considering the dismal -- dismal results for the fdp, a junior partner of the coalition, we asked our chief political correspondent howl chancellor merkel is reacting. >> she said that the coalition is working. the ship knowledge there are challenges but she said it will continue to do its work. and she tried to quash any talk of the coalition possibly collapsing. she did, however, have clear words of warning directed at her coalition partner. without naming any names, she said everybody has to watch
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their words very carefully. that was directly aimed at the head of the liberal free democrats party who had been talking in the last couple of weeks before the berlin election about the possibility of a greek insolvency and also expressing faith rather populist view of euros skepticism. some clear words directed at the fdp to toe the line. >> belinda crane from our parliamentary to use. we will have more on the fallout of the election later in this bulletin. stay tuned for that. italian prime minister silvio berlusconi and sheehan -- appeared in a milan court. he is accused of paying his former attorney over 400,000 euros to give false testimony on his business dealings in 1999. mills never went to jail for the charges because of italy's
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statutes of limitations expiring. berlusconi is also fighting allegations he paid for sex with an under age prostitute. ben is here to bring us up-to- date on what is happening with greece. >> they have been in videoconference calls. if you never had a video conference call i would not suggest parting with this. a conference call between greece and into lash -- international lenders have ended officially monday. in the face of the leas on promised reforms greece's partners are threatening to seize payments into the rescue funds as it only has enough cash to last until mid october. the government says the teleconference will resume later on tuesday and no official announcements will be made afterwards. greece has had its hands full -- full trying to convince creditors that it will get its deficit under control. >> the greek finance minister has worked hard to salvage what he can. on monday he told a conference
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of greek and business leaders and imf are presented as that of greece is ready to avoid mud fresh cutbacks. >> this is the moment to make historical decisions. it is the moment to take action, actions that must be organized, united. otherwise, we will soon have to take the same action under conditions that are uncontrolled. >> those actions are of the center of the series of telephone talks between greece, the european commission, the european central bank, an imf -- a bailout worth 8 billion euros hinges on the outcome. in berlin, a parliamentary budget committee also discussed aid for greece. nine economists outlined ways out of the debt crisis. german central bank president warned that countries with high levels of debt simply have to stick to the agreed austerity measures.
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>> if they don't stick to their programs, then there will be no basis for further payments. and that is important toward restoring a credible framework and giving other country in the incentives to follow solid fiscal policies. >> but some economists said early -- quarterly be that needs to be considered and not just aid packages. otherwise germany puts itself in a position where it can be repeatedly blackmailed. >> the global stock-market slump at of the greek talks with the main european exchanges close and down between 2% and 3%. another case of the jitters for investors and for the greek political elite -- elite. this report from the frankfurt stock exchange. >> after a week of street dines -- gains, the debt crisis is back in the minds of investors. they fear there might be a default increase and weighs
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heavily. the dax lost nearly 3% and was mainly driven down by financial shares. but to the worries -- the warriors also get the euro. the last few days, the euro lost up to 10 u.s. cents, and it shows there might not also be a debt problem but also the problem for the european currency. >> problems, problems. checking on the health of the markets as far as the numbers. it looks like they caught a cold again. no hiding the allergic reaction to greece. check out the dax at the euro stoxx 50, down by nearly 3%. u.s. stocks fell for the first time in six session monday, the dow closing down by almost a full percentage of the euro is trading 1.3682. u.s. president barack obama has been unveiling his plans to reduce the nation that the deficit by another $3 trillion
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of the next decade. it includes raising $1.50 trillion by hiking taxes on companies and the wealthy and vowed to veto any medicare cuts without tax reform. new spending cuts include modest adjustments to federal pension programs and $1 trillion in savings as the wars in iraq and afghanistan winding down. his republican opponents have already rejected the plan and they accuse obama of playing class warfare ahead of next year's elections. and corporate news, swiss pharmaceutical giant has -- roche stop paying -- sending medicine to some great hospitals. some institutions are four years in arrears -- once to increase shipments to greece's pharmacies which are financially better off. >> some hospitals have paid only 37% for the medications due for delivery by the end of next year. however, german companies are being more cautious than roche
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and their approach. so far only merck of gone as far as actually halting deliveries to greet hospitals. state owned hospital there have old german pharmaceutical companies a total of 1.2 billion euros since the end of 2010. since 2005, many of them have paid with government bonds in lieu of cash. but that has left suppliers facing markdowns of 20% to 30%. some german pharmaceutical companies have blasted the swiss rival, saying roche is putting the lives of greek patients on the line. but there is no evidence things are that bad just yet. >> swiss bank ubs said its losses from on of the rest trading by a rogue trader are higher than expected -- instead of 1.5, 1.7 billion euros. he was arrested in london last week, accused of fraud and false
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accounting dating back to 2000. the lender is setting up an itb investigation into the trade. it has prompted calls for ubs to split off the investment bank from the wealth management business. >> thanks. turkey's president abdullah gul went ahead with a talked out of berlin university this evening after police had temporarily evacuate the bay area because of a bomb threat. the turkish president is in germany for a three day state visit centered on improving bilateral ties. he is looking for support on its bid to join the eu any began meeting -- the business with meeting with german and vice president. >> all smiles on the steps of the presidential palace. but in their meeting, the two leaders addressed some issues that have strained relations. president gul was to get german backing for turkey's bid to join the eu as a full member. nothing less will do.
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>> we must make the best of opportunities to wrap up negotiations. turkey will not deviate from its goal of attaining full membership. >> gul criticized recent legislation requiring turkish citizen to pass a german test before joining their spouses in germany but wulf term -- stood firm. i strongly defended the german position. it puts women in a better position to avoid the dangers of getting caught up in a parallel society when they arrived in germany. both countries signed an agreement to ensure that millions of turkish citizens living in germany built half of a tax on their incomes in both countries. gul then held talks with for the boston mayor, calling on all turkish people in germany to learn german. the president's speech at berlin pause to university also went ahead after delays due to a bomb scare. >> stay tuned. i will be back after a short
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break with the in depth look at this weekend's elections here in berlin. don't go away.
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>> welcome back. berlin's mehr has secured a third term in office following elections over the weekend here in the capital. berlin voters had a chance to express their feelings regarding the coalition of chancellor angela merkel, the social democrats' chances of taking the reins of national power in 2013, and how people feel about the so far in effective steps taken by politicians to end at the eurozone debt crisis. the berlin of elections also proved to the national prospect of a fairly new pirate party.
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it was just formed five years ago and it wants to put citizens in the seat of power, not professional politicians. it also wants to strictly curbed police surveillance on the internet and as party activists put it, make free-speech free again. >> a new party has stepped onto the political stage. a colorful, young, and by its own definition, liberal. if it does not intend to be a shrill left this splinter group but a party for citizens' rights, a free society, and more democracy in the internet age. a new party largely intent on distancing itself from an established one -- the liberal fdp, free democrats. >> we are a party that form because the fdp failed in its responsibilities. they promised to practice liberal politics, but instead they practiced neo-level products -- politics and even betrayed the goals.
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>> the daily fdp lost its sixth consecutive election and seems to be in a state of shock. the party leader since may failed to gain any traction with a campaign against the zone government's handling of the euro debt crisis. the party seems insecure and remained at odds with the chancellor. >> we are going to stay right on course. we have taken a responsible stand on european issues. we haven't changed our position just because it is election season. >> while the coalition leaders tried to put a brave face on things, the ftp's downfall is also a problem for chancellor angela merkel. although christian democrats like -- in berlin have been able to stem their losses, the cdu is losing its favored coalition partner across the country. and the chancellor faces the same question and over and over -- how long will the coalition last? >> i believe all partners of
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this coalition know what their job is and are very serious about doing it. >> that can also be interpreted as a warning to the fdp. its leader roessler responded with his own pledge of allegiance. >> we were elected to this federal government with a large majority and our aim is to help shape policy. we intend to do with unconditionally over the next two years. >> it is a promise the chancellor would normally take for granted. the fact that he feels to cite you -- he has to say it out loud says a lot about the state of his party of the government. >> the berlin elections have given a boost to the green of political fortune. after sweeping to victory in the arts conservative state of baden-w├╝rttemberg, they are now the candidates to govern in berlin alongside the fdp -- sdp, that is if mayor woworeit
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chooses them. the green leadership right now is relishing in their victory over the left party in the ballot booth. beating the successor party to the east german communists has been one of their main goals as the capitalize on concerned about nuclear power. >> japan's nuclear disaster shocked germans and it is evident at the polls that month. a wave of protests saw the green surge in baden-wuerttemburg to their first ever steve premiership. if the government reasoned -- reversed policy. on to other issues, unemployment has not been this low in a long time. the fear of terrorist attacks has faded. things are pretty good in germany. is there were national elections held this month -- the latest poll shows the governing cdu-csu gaining ground, spd unchanged from of the junior partners fdp would not make it into parliament.
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no big changes for the left party. the euro debt crisis is also an issue, but it is not the top concern of all germans. >> of the nuclear catastrophe was the most important. unemployment is not as significant. the euro really is not on my radar. >> the euro crisis, that affects everyone. it is also linked to an unemployment and nuclear policy. >> nuclear power, unemployment, euro crisis. >> when it comes to the eu in general, the views here also quite mixed. a 5% of germans believe that of germany's position is a reliance on a strong eu. about the same proportion wants a more were needed approach to european politics. and asked whether small member states should support the week, 66% say, no.
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>> we have to make a radical cut and start anew. a helping hand it merely postpones the inevitable. >> i think the banks have got to step up worldwide. >> what about money for increased? >> yes, a little bit. >> i would not give them anything. we have been a poor people in germany. the what do you think? >> i have no opinion on that. their mother is one thing germans are certain about -- >> one thing germans are certain about, three-quarters say players and the financial sector will decide the future and not politicians. >> as we heard, the eurozone debt crisis was in the background as the berlin election played out. chancellor merkel has been heavily criticized in some corridors on her handling of that.
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i asked our chief political correspondent whether the results in berlin could provide some comfort to merkel. >> the result is to some degree certainly a strengthening for angela merkel and her christian democrats. she saw her party gain a couple of percentage point and she saw her course on policy in regard to the euro vindicated, at least to some degree. there had been a squabble over the past couple of weeks, as we heard in the reports come up between her party and the junior coalition partner, about whether her course presents too many burdens for german tax payers. and in fact, the voters did not seem to find the fdp euro- sceptic line very convincing. some vindication for her. on the other hand, her coalition is weakened by the fact that her junior coalition partner is in the immense disarray. in general, the markets and other european countries have been looking for a clearer german leadership for a really
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for lack of course on the europe. the question is whether the chancellor with this very, very weak coalition, is really in a position to move out in front on that issue. i think markets may be somewhat skeptical now about whether this coalition is in the position to provide the kind of steering that they are looking for. >> in what other areas of these results affect the coalition and national politics? >> one of the questions will be, is the winner of this election, klaus woworeit, is he potential chancellor material? he certainly would like people think so. it is a possibility. but if we look of the platform he ran on, essentially an image platform, all about him and his charisma, i think answer has to become a no, he really isn't chancellor candidate material.
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>> thank you very much. with that we wrap up the "journal" for this hour. i'm meggin leigh. thanks for joining us, and please stay tuned. captioned by the national captioning institute >>
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